15-441 Computer Networks Recitation Sessions from Carnegie Mellon University
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What is this?

This is the GitHub repository and page for the recitation sessions of 15-441
Computer Networks a course at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU).

Who is doing this?

The current course is taught by:

                            Srini Seshan <srini@cs.cmu.edu>
                            Roger Dannenberg <rbd@cs.cmu.edu>

This repository is maintained by the TAs:

                            Athula Balachandran <abalacha@cs.cmu.edu>
                            Wolfgang Richter    <wolf@cs.cmu.edu>

What can I do with this?

Fork us here on GitHub, and send in pull requests if you have enhancements.

Feel free to file issues/trouble tickets.

Or just git clone the project to obtain a copy of the recitation session