A plugin for Video.js that adds an autoplay toggle which will persist to cookies or localstorage.
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Video.js Autoplay Toggle

A plugin for Video.js that adds an autoplay toggle which will persist to cookies or localstorage.


Include the plugin:

<script src="videojs.autoplay-toggle.js"></script>

Add autoplayToggle to plugins object:

plugins: {
    autoplayToggle: {
        namespace: 'my-custom-namespace-for-autoplay-cookies'

Namespace will default to autoplay-toggle if not set.

Conflicts With Other Plugins

When a video has been configured with an autoplay=true option and the autoplay toggle stored value says not to autoplay, the following sequence of events will occur:

  1. video.js will initialize the player
  2. video.js initialization will play and fire a play event
  3. autoplay-toggle plugin will initialize
  4. autoplay-toggle will detect the video playing, but the stored value says not to autoplay
  5. autoplay-toggle will set the autoplay setting to false, pause the video, and fire a pause event

This may problematic when another plugin is listening for play/pause.

For this situation, a method to retrieve the autoplay value is attached to the videojs object. Using this function before initializing any players will allow you to override the autoplay option before it gets sent into player initialization, preventing any false play events.

An example of this usage is as follows:

// retrieve initial autoplay value to setup player with
var autoplayToggleNamespace = 'videojs-plugin-integration';
var autoplayFromStorage = videojs.autoplaySettingFromStorage({
  namespace: autoplayToggleNamespace

// initialize video
var vid1 = videojs('vid1', {autoplay: autoplayFromStorage});

// setup autoplay toggle plugin
  namespace: autoplayToggleNamespace

// setup other plugins here