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A Simple Cloudflare Workers ShortURL Forwarder

Setup your own serverless personalised/bitly/tinyURL forwarder for free on Cloudflare Workers.


  • set up on a sub-domain you already own (or register a slick new short domain) and use it for redirects, e.g. =>
  • the code is forwarding-domain agnostic, so domain names can be switched out without updating code
  • takes a list of direct and dynamic routes (see the examples below) and 301 redirects incoming requests
  • pass a ?debug search param to get a json response
  • lists are currently static & defined in the worker

Defining routes

Routes are currently defined and edited directly in the worker (src/index.js). There are two types of route:

  1. Direct routes
    These map routes directly from [/tiny-path] => [b.domain/not/so-tiny/path] based on an exact match of the path

  2. Dynamic routes
    These allow a path to be appended to a redirect url, or optionally inserted using a $1 token, e.g:

    • [/tiny-path] => [b.domain] (without a token) redirects the following:

      • /tiny-path/dynamic?a=b => b.domain/dynamic?a=b
      • /tiny-path => 404 Not found1
    • [/tiny-path] => [b.domain/not/so-tiny/$1/path/] (with a token) redirects the following:

      • /tiny-path/dynamic?a=b => b.domain/not/so-tiny/dynamic/path/?a=b
      • /tiny-path => 404 Not found1

Quick start: deployed to the cloud in <2mins

  1. clone the repo:
git clone
cd shorturl
  1. initialise the app to install wrangler:
npm init
  1. add some routes to the worker (insert your favourite text editor here):
nano src/index.js
  1. time to test your routes on localhost (try appending ?debug to the end of your requests):
npx wrangler dev src/index.js
  1. publish it to the cloud
npx wrangler publish

And we're live on your workers subdomain! All that's left to do is connect your custom domain.

Potential improvements:

  • lean on e.g. KV storage for route storage and lookup
  • admin mode via e.g. basic auth / HMAC tokens
  • API / web interface
  • something else? Let me know!


  1. Note the second case in both dynamic examples above. If no path is appended to a dynamic route it will return a 404 Not found. If you want to allow for this, use a direct route in addition to the dynamic one. 2


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