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Public House: A comic by the Pru

This is the Jekyll build for my strip.

This reflects the most recent version of the site build for my personal comic strip Public House. It reflects the need to facilitate a consistent viewing experience between desktop and mobile traffic. I also wanted to automate the task of adding new strips without having to do excessive manual work or mucking around in the admin of a CMS. Jekyll worked perfectly for this.

Of course, I am using Markdown for my posts, though all of the content per post is hidden except for the image. I hope to find the time to write transcripts of each script to help with search functionality in future builds, and improve overall accessibility. I also hope to tweak the templates going forward to make the HTML5 document outline more semantic.

Other Notes

In keeping with my goals to serve my strip to all screen sizes, the site is responsive using a simple, but unorthodox custom grid created in Gridset (a great service).

For the CSS, I am using LESS, though I might switch to SASS at some point. Not in a big rush for this site.

I'm all for improving the site, so any input on the site from a dev perspective is welcome. I'm a designer with front-end knowledge, but I want to keep learning more when it comes to scripting etc..

Fun Stuff

Throughs lots of blood sweat and tears, I was able to piece together some Javascript that changes the site's style based on day or night (client side time applies). This is accomplished by loading some night styles at night. The site's splash page also swaps out based on the time.


I need to do more research on the right license to apply to this, so any words of wisdom are welcome. I consider the structural code something that I'm happy to share. The open source community is great and and I want to share as much as I can.

However, the design and art parts, that is, the overall style for the site and most importantly the strip itself (characters, content etc.) is protected under copyright.


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