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QVD is an Open Source VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) solution, developed by Qindel Group, it provides a safe and easy to manage alternative to desktops and applications virtualisation under Linux environment.
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QVD (Quality Virtual Desktop) is a highly scalable, cost effective, easy to manage, open source VDI solution built on top of Linux.

Its main purpose is used to access Linux remote desktops a Linux focused VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure). The primary focus is that the infrastructure and the desktops presented to the end user are both in Linux.

We keep a copy of our source code in github for your benefit, while our main development is still done outside of github.


+- doc - Documentation +- ext - Perl Modules for the core of QVD and the client +- nx - Patches done to the NX protocol +- windows - Windows client +- wat - Web Administration Tool +- libqvdclient - C library for QVD client, this is not required for QVD +- android - Android client +- c - Main C libqvdclient library +- java - Java command line application +- webplugin - Using the C library firefox plugins using firebreath


Administration manual and installation guide can be found here


Please visit our download section for rpms, debs, and virtual appliance, and demo images


Please raise an issue here in github if you find any bugs, or have any feature requests.

Customers, are encouraged to use the the Customer portal

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