Comfortable and clean Estonian keyboard layout for macOS
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Estonian Keyboard Layout for OS X

This repository contains Estonian keyboard layout for OS X operating system. It was created because the default layout still misses some (dead) keys. All fluff, fuzz and bloat were also removed leaving only standard symbols as used in Estonian layouts under Windows and Linux.

This layout is intended to be used with a traditional ISO-style keyboards with 101/102 keys.


  1. Download the Estonian - Nordic.dmg image file from the release page. Double-click the file and use regular drag-and-drop like with any other macOS application installation. This layout will be installed to all users keyboard layouts directory.

  2. Open System Preferences -> Keyboard -> Input Sources. Using a +-sign, add Estonian - Nordic keyboard layout from Estonian list.

  3. Select new layout from the language bar.


This layout is modified and cleaned up using [Ukelele] ( keyboard layout editor software. Feel free to update it according to your needs.