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Zabbix template for monitoring Borg backup repositories. Requires Borg binary to be available in the system being monitored. Monitoring occurs on the backup server, though it can be possible to invoke this by the client and connect to repository via Borg network capabilities. This setup is currently not supported by the plugin.


  1. Copy zabbix_agentd.d/borg.conf to the Zabbix agent's configuration directory (usually located at /etc/zabbix). If using encrypted repositories, read the note below and use the file zabbix_agentd.d/borg-enc.conf.
  2. Import template configuration templates/borg.xml to Zabbix web frontend.


This plugin uses discovery capabilities provided by Zabbix to locate backup repositories. Since all commands are executed by zabbix user, appropriate permissions must be granted to all backup repositories. If encrypted, encryption keys should be provided to zabbix user.

One possibility is to use --umask=0027 parameter when invoking borg command to make created files group readable. Then add the user zabbix into the group of the SSH account used by backup client. In this case, the backup repository must be created with --umask=0007 to make it group writable so that zabbix user can create lock files while polling the backup status.

Encrypted Repositories

For encrypted repositories, a borg info command must be run right after the backup and output saved to a file status.txt located in the remote repository. Also the output of the borg check -v should be appended to status.txt. Since those commands are run right after the backup by the client, they will contain the latest status of the repository. This plugin can then reside in the remote host and read the status from status.txt. This effectively avoids making encryption keys available to zabbix user neither on backup client or remote storage server.

To save the output of aforementioned commands, use something like:

	borg info user@host:repo::backup | ssh user@host 'cat > repo/status.txt'
	borg check user@host:repo | ssh user@host 'cat >> repo/status.txt'


Borg backups monitoring plugin for Zabbix




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