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Version 3.1

PHP-Login is a simple login and signup system built with PHP, MySQL (with PDO), jQuery and Bootstrap 3. It is meant to be a starting point for PHP developers to build sites from and includes basic user management classes and methods.

* If you want to aid future development, please consider helping out by supporting the project on Patreon

Technologies used:

  • PHP required

    • Minimum version: 7.0
    • pdo_mysql extension required
    • Recommended to enable shell_exec
  • MySQL required

    • Version 5.6+ recommended
  • Composer required

    • Version 1.2.1+ recommended
    • mbstring and dom php extensions required

    If Composer is not installed on the system or accessible through shell_exec, a self-contained composer.phar file located in the install directory is used

  • cURL recommended

    • Version 7+ recommended
Components loaded via Composer
  • jQuery
    • Version 3.1
    • Pulled in via composer
  • Bootstrap
    • Version ^3
  • PHP-Mailer
    • Version 5.2
  • JSON Web Tokens (JWT) (Firebase implementation)
    • Version 5.0
Other libraries
  • DataTables
    • Version 1.10.16
  • Cropper
  • LoadingOverlay
  • Multiselect
    • Version 2.5.0
General Recommendations
  • Enable SSL on your site! Get a free cert at LetsEncrypt

    • Their free tool Certbot makes this process virtually painless
  • Linux server running Apache or Nginx is preferred

  • Shell access is recommended. While it is likely possible to install this library without shell access (such as on a shared web hosting provider), this is unsupported. It's highly recommended that you instead opt for a VPS provider such as DigitalOcean that allows you root shell access

  • Run mysql_secure_installation on server prior to app installation

  • Host your database on an encrypted filesystem

  • File/directory permissions should be locked down to an appropriate level


Clone the Repository

$ git clone https://github.com/therecluse26/PHP-Login.git

Install necessary dependencies with Composer

$ composer install --no-dev

Run through web-based installer

Open this link in your web browser (replacing [yoursite.com] with your site address)


Select an installation option from the pop-up modal that appears: Automated or Manual

NOTE ** If you are upgrading from a prior version of PHP-Login (>3.1), you should install this version as new and then navigate to the /install/legacymigration/index.php page to migrate your existing data to the new application version (to reflect schema updates) **

Automated Installation Instructions

Manual Installation Instructions


Site Config Settings

API Methods

* Full API documentation can be found by nagivating to: {yoursite.com}/docs/api/index.html

Change Log