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Small Ink program to send tweets using the Twitter JSON API
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send-tweet 🐦

send-tweet is a repository for a small Ink program to send Tweets using the Twitter JSON API. This project also required Ink libraries for SHA1 and HMAC-SHA1 algorithms, percent-encoding URI strings, and base64 conversion, which are also included as library functions in the project.


For the send-tweet functionality to work, you'll need to (1) be registered as a Twitter developer application, and (2) have the requisite OAuth 1.0 tokens to authenticate as a given user. You'll need four keys to place inside

  • CONSUMERKEY: The public key portion of the Twitter API token
  • CONSUMERSECRET: The private key portion of the Twitter API token
  • OAUTHTOKEN: OAuth public key
  • OAUTHSECRET: OAuth secret / private key

You can generate and find these keys at


You can call the program with ink if you have Ink installed. If not, you can install or download the binary at

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