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OpenVPN Configuration Generator
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OpenVPN Configuration Generator

Developed by SparkLabs

Further documentation and tutorials can be found here.


The OpenVPN Configuration Generator is designed to make generating server and client configurations for an OpenVPN server and Viscosity easier.


Releases for macOS, Windows, and Linux can be downloaded here.


To get started, create a new directory, cd into it and run the following then follow the prompts:

openvpn-generate init

To create a client, cd into the directory where you ran init, run the following and follow the prompts:

openvpn-generate client

Usage: openvpn-generate init
Initialise configuration, creates server configuration
  --path DIR      Directory configurations are stored (Current Directory default)
  --keysize size  Change Keysize (2048 default)
  --days days     Days certificates are valid (3650 default)

Usage: openvpn-generate client
Creates client configurations
  --path DIR      Directory configurations are stored (Current Directory default)
  --name NAME     Prefill Common Name

Usage: openvpn-generate --help
Displays this information

Usage: openvpn-generate --about
Displays information about this tool



Extract the tar.gz archive and run


sudo dpkg -i openvpn-configuration-generator_1.0-1.deb


Download and run the MSI installer. The install location is added to the system path by default for easy use and installs all prerequisites automatically.

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