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Tensors have different meanings to different people.

Tensors across the sciences

So why not abstract the differences into Tensor Spaces. Now all it means to be a tensor is...

A tensor is an element of a tensor space.


The Experimental Multilinear Algebra Group's distribution of software for integration in the computer algebra system MAGMA, V2.22 and beyond.

This software was created by Joshua Maglione and James B. Wilson, Copyright 2016--2020. Distributed under MIT License.

If you want a copy of the software under a different license, please contact the authors.


TensorSpace was developed by researchers at Colorado State University and partially supported by a National Science Foundation grant DMS-1620454 to Wilson. We also acknowledge U. Auckland, U. Bielefeld, Bucknell U., Hausdorff Research Institute for Mathematics, and Kent State U. where research was undertook and support provided for this package.

Our Team

We invite you explore the repository and join our team. We welcome and encourage any contributions to the repository. If you need help getting started, please feel free to @-mention any of the contributors below or you can read the repository's Projects tab.

Name Username
Peter A. Brooksbank @galois60
Joshua Maglione @joshmaglione
James B. Wilson @algeboy


This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the MIT license.

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but without any warranty; without even the implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.

Repository Structure

  doc/                           Documentation folder of all LaTeX files
    TensorSpace.pdf              The documentation for TensorSpace
  examples/                      Folder of examples demonstrated in documentation
  src/                           Source code folder 
    Homotopism/                  Hmtp code data structure
    Tensor/                      TenSpcElt code and data structure
    TensorCategory/              TenCat code and data structure
    TensorSpace/                 TenSpc code and stat structure
    Util/                        Utility functions
  tests/                         Folder of performance and debugging tests                     Shell file to install repo
  TensorSpace.spec               Magma spec file                      Shell file to update repo


Downloading Latest Release

The latest release of TensorSpace can be downloaded as either a tar.gz or zip file here:

Latest Release

Linux and Mac users

We will assume your directory for Magma packages is titled my_magma_packages but replace this name if it is different. You can create this directory with:

$ mkdir my_magma_packages

Download TensorSpace-x.y.tar.gz from the latest release into my_magma_package. Then you could run the following to unzip TensorSpace and install the package.

$ cd my_magma_packages
$ gzip
$ sh TensorSpace/

This may install further packages necessary in my_magma_packages. It may also modify your Magma start file (~/.magmarc) so that these packages are available at the start of a Magma session. To avoid this, use the manual installation instructions below.


Currently, we do not have an install file compatible with Windows.

Attach the spec file during a Magma run and the intrinsics will be available to use. To attach the spec file, run the following, where <location> is the directory containing TensorSpace,

> AttachSpec("<location>/TensorSpace/TensorSpace.spec");


Linux and Mac users

To update the package and all its dependencies, run the following shell command.

$ sh TensorSpace/


We currently do not have an update file compatible for Windows.

To manually update, either download the latest release, see here, or pull from GitHub with the following.

$ cd TensorSpace/
$ git pull origin master


This package can be removed entirely by deleting the folder into which it was downloaded and removing the following lines from your ~/.magmarc file.


Feedback and Bugs

We welcome general feedback about the package and challenging examples. To report bugs, please create a New Issue under the Issues tab in the TameGenus repository, or @-mention any of the above contributors in your forked repository.