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Sketch plugin to generate charts and data for data tables
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Sketch Data Studio

A Sketch plugin to upload or generate numerical and qualitative data for charts and tables. Ideal for those working on big data interfaces or for data scientists who want charts that look better than those produced by spreadsheet software. Updated frequently.

Go Premium

Premium version enables generating Charts from imported CSV data, as well as more chart types to choose from.

Go Premium!



Sketch v41 and later only!

How to use

Enter number of columns, followed by number of rows or number of charts (comma separated) and you're done.

Data Types

Random 0 - 1

A random floating point number from 0 - 1

Random 0 - 100

A random floating point number from 0 - 100

Set your own random values

Input a comma-separated list of values that will be picked at random for each row. This can be used to select random integers (1,2,3,4...)

Random Stocks

Stock names randomly chosen from a list of stocks that were found on the internet.

Random Bonds

Bond names randomly chosen from a list of stocks that were found on the internet, then a random number between 1 and 10 is chosen and concatenated with the letters "YR" (e.g. 1YR, 4YR, etc.)

Random Stock Symbols

Stock ticker symbols randomly chosen from a list of stocks that were found on the internet.

CSV Import

Save a spreadsheet in .csv format and import it through the dialogue. Only files with a .csv or .CSV extension will be import-able.


Any data should work.


Q: My imported CSV data comes in with a weird format/I get an error when uploading CSV!
A: Make sure your file is correctly formatted (utf-8). If you're not sure what that means, try the following: Upload your CSV file to Google Docs Download the file as a CSV Try with the newly downloaded file

Bug reporting

Please include your OS X version as well as your Sketch version in any bug reports.


All data labeled "Random" is completely random and is not useful for any sort of financial planning. Data is for mock-up/demo purposes only.

Made by Tyler Wolf

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