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The Update Framework specification


Please contact us via our mailing list.

Questions, feedback, and suggestions are welcomed on this low volume mailing list. We strive to make the specification easy to implement, so if you come across any inconsistencies or experience any difficulty, do let us know by sending an email, or by reporting an issue in the specification repo.


This work is dual-licensed and distributed under the (1) MIT License and (2) Apache License, Version 2.0. Please see LICENSE-MIT.txt and LICENSE-APACHE.txt.


The TUF specification uses Semantic Versioning 2.0.0 (semver) for its version numbers, and a gitflow-based release management:

  • The 'master' branch of this repository always points to the latest stable version of the specification.
  • The 'draft' branch of this repository always points to the latest development version of the specification and must always be based off of the latest 'master' branch.
  • Contributors must submit changes as pull requests against these branches, depending on the type of the change (see semver rules).
  • For patch-type changes, pull requests may be submitted directly against the 'master' branch.
  • For major- and minor-type changes, pull requests must be submitted against the 'draft' branch.
  • Maintainers may, from time to time, decide that the 'draft' branch is ready for a new major or minor release, and submit a pull request from 'draft' against 'master'.
  • Before merging a branch with 'master' the 'last modified date' and 'version' in the specification header must be bumped.
  • Merges with 'master' that originate from the 'draft' branch must bump either the major or minor version number.
  • Merges with 'master' that originate from any other branch must bump the patch version number.
  • Merges with 'master' must be followed by a git tag for the new version number.
  • Merges with 'master' must be followed by a rebase of 'draft' onto 'master'.


This project is managed by the Linux Foundation under the Cloud Native Computing Foundation. The consensus builder for the TUF specification is Prof. Justin Cappos of the Secure Systems Lab at New York University. Maintainers include Sebastien Awwad of CONDA and Lukas Pühringer of NYU's Secure Systems Lab. Contributors and maintainers are governed by the CNCF Community Code of Conduct.

We'd like to thank Justin Samuel, Roger Dingledine, Nick Matthewson, Trishank Karthik Kuppusamy, and all of the TAP authors for their contributions to the TUF spec.

This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant Nos. CNS-1345049 and CNS-0959138. Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation.


The Update Framework specification




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