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TNoodle Logo


TNoodle is a software suite that contains the official WCA scramble program. It consists of the core scrambling code (primarily written in Kotlin) as well as a UI and server to generate a fully autonomous JAR file

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WCA Scramble Program

The official scramble program for the World Cube Association has been part of the TNoodle project since January 1, 2013. It will contain the sole official scramble program for the foreseeable future.

All WCA official competitions must always use the current version of the official scramble program. This is available from

Note that only the scramble program part of TNoodle is "official". Other TNoodle projects may be convenient for certain uses (including at official competitions), but do not have any official status.

"Scramble Program" vs. "Scrambler"

Officially, TNoodle-WCA is a scramble program, while a scrambler is a human. It is fine to refer to TNoodle as a "scrambler" colloquially, but please try to use the official convention wherever possible.

Project Details

TNoodle is organised as a multi-project Gradle build. The build files are written in the type-safe Kotlin dialect.

Every sub-project has its individual artifact configuration and build.gradle file. Furthermore, there is a central buildSrc folder, which is automatically sourced by Gradle. It contains common code and shared configuration setups.


Gradle is served through the use of a Gradle wrapper available as gradlew (UNIX systems) or gradlew.bat (DOS systems) It is recommended to set up an alias to simplify task generation, along the lines of alias gw='./gradlew --parallel'.

Get an overview of the core project tasks by executing

./gradlew tasks


Gradle automagically handles all dependencies for you. You just need an Internet connection upon your first build run!

WCA Scramble Program

When you're ready to develop, run the following and then visit http://localhost:2014/scramble/

./gradlew :webscrambles:runShadow

To build a distributable/executable .jar file, run:

./gradlew :webscrambles:shadowJar

You can run the .jar from the commandline using: (replace the $VERSION tag accordingly)

java -jar TNoodle-WCA-$VERSION.jar

Important note: You must never use a custom build for any official competitions. Contact the WCA Board and the WRC if you have any questions about this.


  • Each project is a fully fledged Gradle project (they each have a build.gradle.kts file). Your IDE should be able to import Gradle build structures nowadays. If not, this is a good indicator that your IDE is outdated and should be replaced.