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Translations of the WCA Regulations

Translation Instructions

If you'd like to (re)-translate the Regulations, please use the following process:

  • Download the source of the current official Regulations.
    • When you do this, please also visit the GitHub page and record the current "latest commit" value so we can tell which version you translated.
    • If you're updating an existing translation, you can instead download the current translations here.
  • Translate and
    • Try to keep all the formatting intact and only change the words.
    • Read through the style guide for detailed information about how the Regulations are formatted.
    • Add a section at the top of the Regulations called "Translation", which should include any useful information about the translation, as well as a translation of the following text:

Please note that this translation is not an official version (even though it is provided on the WCA website): it may be useful, but it does not come with any guarantees. If there is a difference between a translation and the (current official) English version, the English version must be used.

  • Contact the WRC for adding your translations to the GitHub repository and uploading them to the WCA website. Please send us:
    • The translated Regulations and Guidelines.
    • The "latest commit" value your translation is based on.
    • The names of the translators, along with WCA IDs, and (optionally) personal homepages to link from this page.
    • Translations of the following:
      • The native name of your translation language, in that language.
      • The words/phrases for "Regulations" and "Guidelines".
      • A suitable translation of the file name wca-regulations-and-guidelines.pdf for downloads (preferably without accent marks or special letters).

If you're familiar with git/GitHub, you're also welcome to fork the wca-regulations-translations repository. This makes it easy for the WRC to track changes in your translation and for you to make pull requests.

If you're not familiar with GitHub, just send us your translated files via email.