All of the code that runs on
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jfly Upgrade to bundler 2.
I followed the instructions on, which said
to run `bundle update --bundler`, which didn't seem to affect our
lockfile much.
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This repository contains all of the code that runs on


  • git clone - Clone this repo! (And navigate into it, cd
  • (cd WcaOnRails; bundle install && bundle exec pre-commit install) && git config pre-commit.ruby "scripts/" - Set up git pre-commit hook. Optional, but very useful.

Run directly with Ruby (lightweight, but only runs the Rails portions of the site)

  • Set up mysql with a user with username "root" with an empty password.
    1. cd WcaOnRails/
    2. bundle install && bin/yarn
    3. bin/rake db:load:development - Download and import the developer's database export.
    4. bin/rails server - Run rails. The server will be accessible at localhost:3000
  • Run tests. Setup instructions follow before_script in .travis.yml.
    1. RAILS_ENV=test bin/rake db:reset - Set up test database.
    2. RAILS_ENV=test bin/rake assets:precompile - Compile some assets needed for tests to run.
    3. bin/rspec - Run tests.
  • Mailcatcher is a good tool for catching emails in development.

Run in Vagrant (gets everything working, but is very slow, recommended only if you need to run the PHP portions of the website)


See Spinning up a new server and Merging and deploying.