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Rollup plugin for Vue 2.0 components with precompiled templates
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Check first if rollup-plugin-vue works for you, it also supports Vue 2 and it's better maintained!

The repository you are looking at is not actively maintained and boils down to a subset of rollup-plugin-vue.

Rollup plugin for Vue 2

Transform .vue components & precompile templates

Ready to transpile ES6 with rollup-plugin-buble & rollup-plugin-babel
Fastest bundle by precompiling templates with vue-template-compiler
Let's see the example config

No support for vue-hot-reload-api (help needed)

Software License Issues JavaScript Style Guide NPM Latest Version


npm install --save-dev rollup-plugin-vue2

Warning: rollup-plugin-vue2 will transform the style tags to imports. You need one of these plugins to handle these:


Put vue() before any transpiler like Bublé or Babel

// rollup.config.js
import vue from 'rollup-plugin-vue2';
import css from 'rollup-plugin-css-only';
import buble from 'rollup-plugin-buble';
import nodeResolve from 'rollup-plugin-node-resolve';
import commonjs from 'rollup-plugin-commonjs';
import uglify from 'rollup-plugin-uglify';

export default {
  entry: 'src/main.js',
  dest: 'dist/bundle.js',
  sourcemaps: true,
  plugins: [
    nodeResolve({ browser: true, jsnext: true, main: true }),

Time to rollup!

# Build
#  -c will default to rollup.config.js
rollup -c

# Development
#  -w will watch for changes
rollup -c -w


Please see CHANGELOG for more information what has changed recently.


The linter will check for JS Standard Style

# Unittests
npm run unit

# Linting
npm run lint

# Run all the above
npm run test


Contributions and feedback are very welcome.

To get it running:

  1. Clone the project.
  2. npm install
  3. npm run build



The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.

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