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Korhal is a Brood War AI written in Clojure on top of a custom fork of JNIBWAPI that we use to extract even more information from the Brood War process. Korhal was started during my time at Hacker School.

Getting Started

A virtual machine image is provided to get you up and running. [See the setup page in the wiki.](../../wiki/VM Setup)

The wiki also has a decent amount of info about how Korhal works. Check it out before digging in.

Current Status

Korhal is still in early development and is not combat ready. There's a whole lot of work to be done, so get in touch or file an issue if you'd like to contribute!


  • nREPL server for interacting with a running game
  • Brood War API designed for Clojure, ported from JNIBWAPI
  • Fully asynchronous AI using Clojure's awesome ref types
  • Contracts system keeps track of resources that have been committed to actions but not yet spent
  • Can execute build orders given in similar format to how humans write them, e.g. 9 :supply-depot
  • Very basic micro routines, e.g. marines attempt to kite zealots

Example Videos

Marines kiting zealots

Ghosts coordinating lockdowns

Skirmish against zealots and dragoons

Basic build order execution