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This page is both a planning and an informational page.

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The current v1.0 of node-neo4j is pretty functional and feature-complete. You can do most things supported by the Neo4j REST API, including sending custom Cypher queries and Gremlin scripts. We've been using it in production for over a year, and it works just fine.


We will likely give this library a complete overhaul to take full advantage of Neo4j 2.0 features. Since most of those features are in Cypher (or only make sense in practice alongside other actions in a Cypher query), the design will probably emphasize Cypher, potentially even exclusively.

Should this library thus evolve to become almost a JavaScript DSL for generating Cypher queries? Or should it be more like an ORM, making it easy to create custom classes corresponding to labels? Or should it continue to be a neutral, unopinionated client library with convenience CRUD-type functions (that, under the hood, might use Cypher queries)? Thoughts welcome!