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Titan 1.0.0

Hadoop versions and Titan 1.0.0

Titan 1.0.0 itself is compatible with both Hadoop 1 and 2, but TinkerPop’s hadoop-gremlin requires Hadoop 1. hadoop-gremlin contains graph computer implementations for running traversals on Spark and Giraph, among other bits.

This will change in later TinkerPop releases. Titan 1.0.0 depends on TinkerPop 3.0.1-incubating. However, support for Hadoop 2 has been announced for the TinkerPop 3.1.0 release:

Once TinkerPop 3.1.0 is released, subsequent Titan can restore full Hadoop 2 support. Hadoop 1 support will be retained if doing so is painless; if it raises conflicts, then it may be dropped.

However, for Titan 1.0.0 with TinkerPop 3.0.1-incubating, the situation is reversed: only Hadoop 1 can be fully supported in the zipfile distribution on account of hadoop-gremlin, and Hadoop 2 support is offered only insofar as conflicts around hadoop-gremlin can be avoided. The Hadoop 1 zipfile offers all of the functionality of its Hadoop 2 counterpart, except that it lacks titan-solr and it can’t talk to Hadoop 2 clusters (generally including HBase clusters running on top of Hadoop 2). The Hadoop 2 zipfile is missing the following features compared with its Hadoop 1 counterpart:

  • The Hadoop 2 zipfile lacks titan-hadoop and hadoop-gremlin
  • The Hadoop 2 zipfile lacks MapReduceIndexJobs
  • The Hadoop 2 zipfile is not as well-tested as the Hadoop 1 zipfile; it’s possible that other bits are broken but yet undiscovered

Titan 0.5.z

Titan 0.5.4

Titan 0.5.3

Titan 0.5.2

Titan 0.5.1

Titan 0.5.0

Note: The project formerly named Faunus is now named Titan-Hadoop. It is part of Titan as of release 0.5.0 and it comes with in Titan zipfile.

Titan 0.4.z

Titan 0.4.4

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Titan 0.4.3

Please see 0.4.4, which is identical to 0.4.3 except for a compatibility string fix.

Titan 0.4.2

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Titan 0.4.1

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Titan 0.4.0 (experimental release)

Titan 0.3.z

Titan 0.3.2

Titan 0.3.1

Titan 0.3.0

Titan 0.2.z

Titan 0.1.z