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Tips, Examples, and Resources for Writing with Emacs
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Emacs for Writing

Emacs has a long history of being used for writing prose, blog posts, technical books, novels, and more. Here are some first-hand experiences you might find useful, whether you’re new to Emacs or just looking for ideas to customize your current Emacs configuration.

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Tips and Examples for Writing With Emacs

(Emacs+Org-Mode) Choosing The Best Writing And Publishing SoftwareUsing LaTeX and Org-Mode to write and publish
Emacs for Writers: A video presentation by Jay DixitJay Dixit, science writer, explains how he uses Emacs as a non-programmer for writing, editing, and research.
EmacsCast, Episode 8: Writing in Emacs and Org mode, part 1Podcast about writing short and long texts, blog posts and books in Emacs, including outlining, exporting and publishing.
Replacing Scrivener with Emacs and Vim(Video) How-to by Vim Valley (Vim user-focused, but discusses Emacs too)
StackExchange: What options are there for writing better non-programming text in Emacs?A novel writer explains some useful Emacs configuration choices he’s learned
Tony Ballantyne: My Emacs Writing SetupTony Ballantyne’s Emacs configuration and workflow for fiction writing
How I Write: My Writing SoftwareJohn Urquhart Ferguson’s discussion of how (and why) he uses Emacs for writing
Org Mode for WritersViktor Bengtsson’s discussion of the benefits and challenges of using Emacs and Org-Mode to write
Org-mode for Writing: Structure & FocusA writer’s (brief) description of using Org-Mode to write a short story
Woodnotes Guide to Emacs for WritersRandall Woods’ popular guide to using and configuring Emacs for writing text
Org As a Word ProcessorHoward Abrams’ basic configuration choices to make Org-Mode look more like a ‘word processor’
Options for writing prose with Emacs (Reddit thread)Several detailed (Reddit) comments on useful Emacs workflow and configuration options
Linting prose in EmacsProselint, a project for ‘linting’ prose that focuses on logic and style (not spelling and grammar)
Consistent Technical Documents Using Emacs and Org-Mode(Video) Using Org-Mode with org-babel to create well-formed technical documents
My Org Mode Workflow for StudiesDiscussion of one person’s experience using Emacs and Org-Mode to keep class notes
Let’s Just Use Emacs (for editing prose)One writer’s success (and frustrations) with using Emacs for writing
Make Emacs Like UlyssesDiscussion about how to make Emacs look/function more like the popular (MacOS/iOS only) writing app Ulysses
Distraction-Free Writing Gnu StylePaul Bunkham’s description of how he configured Emacs to create a ‘distraction-free’ writing environment
Long form writing with Org ModeDiscussion of how a writer configured Emacs and Org-Mode to streamline longer-form (blog and journal) writing

Writing a Book in Emacs

Mickey Petersen: How to Write a Book in EmacsDescription of how to write and output books using Emacs by Mickey Petersen, author of Mastering Emacs
Writing a Technical Book in Emacs and Org-ModeK.P. Kaiser talks about how he wrote the book Make Art With Python using Emacs
Writing a Book in Org ModeA few thoughts on using Org-Mode to write a book, focusing on the usefulness of LaTeX to create output
Writing a book with a little help from Emacs and friendsOscar Perpiñán Lamigueiro discusses how he configured and used Emacs to write his technical book
Publishing a Book Using Org ModeLakshmi Narasimhan reflects on how he used Org-Mode to write and publish his book on Leanpub
How an Uber-Geeky Text Mode in a 40-Year-Old Editor Saved My Novel A writer reflects on how he wrote a novel in Org-Mode, including formatting, revision, and other challenges
Getting Emacs Ready for Writin’, Part IJosh Long describes how he initially configured Emacs to prepare for writing his book Reactive Spring

Writing Technical and Scientific Documents in Emacs

Writing a PhD thesis with Org Mode — Dani

Writing a Screenplay in Emacs

Five Emacs libraries for writing screenplays
Fountain mode
Epic mode

Blogging with Emacs

Blogging with Emacs (only)
Emacs Blogging For Fun and Profit (blogging with Emacs)

Emacs Modes and Configurations for Writers

5 Emacs modes for writers
Jacob Moen: My emacs configuration, optimized for creative writing
iA Writer mode for Emacs
Writeroom mode (Emacs mode for imitating Writeroom features)
Darkroom mode (a distraction-free Emacs mode)
Olivetti (Emacs mode for a clean writing environment)
Emacs for Writers (a Spacemacs configuration)
Camus mode: a minimalist emacs workflow for writing short stories and novels
Poet, an Emacs theme for modes (like markdown and Org mode)using variable pitch
WriteGood Mode for finding common writing problems
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