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Fetch for ThinkJS 3.x
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Fetch for ThinkJS 3.x


$ npm install think-fetch --save

How to use

config file src/config/extend.js

const fetch = require('think-fetch');

module.exports = [
  fetch, // HTTP request client.

Methods in Controller

module.exports = class extends think.Controller {
  async indexAction () {

    // plain text or html
    const text = await this.fetch('').then(res => res.text());

    // json
    const json = await this.fetch('').then(res => res.json());

    // post
    const body = await this.fetch('', { method: 'POST', body: 'a=1' }).then(res => res.json());

    // stream
    const res = await this.fetch('');
    const dest = fs.createWriteStream('./octocat.png');

    // post with stream from file
    const stream = fs.createReadStream('input.txt');
    const result = this.fetch('', { method: 'POST', body: stream }).then(res => res.json());


fetch(url[, options])

  • url A string representing the URL for fetching
  • options Options for the HTTP(S) request
  • Returns: Promise<Response>

Perform an HTTP(S) fetch.

url should be an absolute url, such as A path-relative URL (/file/under/root) or protocol-relative URL (// will result in a rejected promise.


The default values are shown after each option key.

  // These properties are part of the Fetch Standard
  method: 'GET',
  headers: {},        // request headers. format is the identical to that accepted by the Headers constructor (see below)
  body: null,         // request body. can be null, a string, a Buffer, a Blob, or a Node.js Readable stream
  redirect: 'follow', // set to `manual` to extract redirect headers, `error` to reject redirect

  // The following properties are node-fetch extensions
  follow: 20,         // maximum redirect count. 0 to not follow redirect
  timeout: 0,         // req/res timeout in ms, it resets on redirect. 0 to disable (OS limit applies)
  compress: true,     // support gzip/deflate content encoding. false to disable
  size: 0,            // maximum response body size in bytes. 0 to disable
  agent: null         // http(s).Agent instance, allows custom proxy, certificate etc.
Default Headers

If no values are set, the following request headers will be sent automatically:

Header Value
Accept-Encoding gzip,deflate (when options.compress === true)
Accept */*
Connection close (when no options.agent is present)
Content-Length (automatically calculated, if possible)
User-Agent node-fetch/1.0 (+

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