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An HTML5 fullscreen API implementation of barba.js (
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Barba.js.fullscreen helps to implement a site which can be fully used within a fullsreen environment using the fullscreen api. It takes care of some issues which come into play when in fullscreen but there will still be unique changes needed to be made for each site.

This is built upon barba.js. The setup/use information there is still relevant.

Initial batch of custom changes can be viewed in this commit.

There is a WordPress Plugin implementing this code.

Demo using the above WordPress plugin: This could help with implementation.

The demo uses a simple WP child theme which can also help with implementation.

Examples of unique issues for fullscreen implementation.

— Any javascript used on page load needs to be called from or moved to the transition object events.

— Depending on your site there may need to be styles added to accommodate scrolling in fullscreen.

— The element which is being made fullscreen needs to have overflow: scroll set in styles. This can conflict with child elements who need position: sticky set. No parent/grandparent elements can have overflow: scroll set (at least as I've experienced so far).

— Submitted forms will bump a user out of fullscreen.

From MDN:

Note that sticky, by specification, will not work inside element with overflow: hidden or auto. (ref: Github issue on W3C CSSWG)

The link to the W3C CSSWG issue may have further information or workarounds but I haven't looked into it further.

How to use:

  • Add files in /dist to your site.
  • Add fullscreen class to a dom element. This will be the element used when requesting fullscreen. Example code.
  • Add some js to spin up Barba.js.fullscreen. Example code.

Notes on use:

Fullscreen Query Modal

Barba.js.fullscreen includes a fullscreen query modal which can be shown when a user first visits the site. This modal asks if the user wants to go fullscreen.

If the user does not want to a browser cookie with the name fullscreen-permanent is added with a false value. No further checks will be made.

If a user clicks yes then no browser cookies are added. From then on anytime a page from the site is loaded the user will be shown the fullscreen query modal.

The fullscreen-permanent cookie with false value will be removed if a user goes into fullscreen in a way which programmatically calls the goFullScreen function in src/Utils/Fullscreen.js. The user will then be shown the fullscreen modal as if they had initially clicked 'yes'.

Also note the manualModal option below.

Options different from barba.js


  • boolean
  • default false
  • setting this to true will trigger Barba.js.fullscreen to display a modal on a user's first time visiting the site. The modal will ask the user if they want to view the site in fullscreen mode. A permanent cookie will be saved based on the response only if they answer 'no'. If a user selects to view in fullscreen mode the view goes fullscreen and on further page refreshes/page loads the same modal will show (remember that ideally your site will have no page refreshes while navigating the site). If a user selects not to go into fullscreen mode no modal is shown in further visits. However, if they at any point the user goes into fullscreen in a way which programmatically calls the goFullScreen function in src/Utils/Fullscreen.js future page refreshes/page loads will show the modal.


  • boolean
  • default false
  • setting this to true will keep Barba.js.fullscreen from showing the modal. You can toggle the modal using the toggleModal function in src/Utils/FullScreen.js. Example: Barba.FullScreen.toggleModal()


  • boolean
  • default false
  • setting this to true will stop Barba.js.fullscreen from making the browser go fullscreen when a user clicks 'yes' from within the fullscreen query modal. Instead there will be a custom events named barbaFullScreenPreferenceNo and barbaFullScreenPreferenceYes which will be triggered. Example: document.addEventListener('barbaFullScreenPreferenceYes', barbaFullScreenPreferenceYes, false); document.addEventListener('barbaFullScreenPreferenceNo', barbaFullScreenPreferenceNo, false);


  • boolean
  • default false
  • if you want to show a splash page when a user first visits your site set this to true and the fullscreen query modal will not show until it finds a cookie (which you must set) named splashseen with the value 'true'.



  showFullscreenModal: true,
  manualModal: true,
  manualFullScreenToggle: true,
  showingSplash: true,
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