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International & Special Characters

To enter 'special' and 'international' characters, you need to use the following codes. You can use these by pressing 'CTRL SHIFT U' on the keyboard. An underlined 'u' charater will then appear, and you type the four-digit code in from the table below. Then press either space or return/enter and the relevant character will appear. If it's easier, you can also press 'CTRL Q' when editing your text and the most common international characters will be inserted into your document for you to use.

International Characters (UPPERCASE)

Code Character Description
00C1 Á Capital A with acute
00C0 À Capital A with grave
00C2 Â Capital A with circumflex
00C3 Ã Capital A with tilde
00C4 Ä Capital A with diaeresis
00C5 Å Capital A with ring above
00C6 Æ Capital Æ
00C7 Ç Capital C with cedilla
00C8 È Capital E with grave
00C9 É Capital E with acute
00CA Ê Capital E with circumflex
00CB Ë Capital E with diaeresis
00CC Ì Capital I with grave
00CD Í Capital I with acute
00CE Î Capital I with circumflex
00CF Ï Capital I with diaeresis
00D0 Ð Capital Eth
00D1 Ñ Capital N with tilde
00D2 Ò Capital O with grave
00D3 Ó Capital O with acute
00D4 Ô Capital O with circumflex
00D5 Õ Capital O with tilde
00D6 Ö Capital O with diaeresis
00D8 Ø Capital O with stroke
00D9 Ù Capital U with grave
00DA Ú Capital U with acute
00DB Û Capital U with circumflex
00DC Ü Capital U with diaeresis
00DD Ý Capital Y with acute
00DE Þ Capital Thorn

International Characters (lowercase)

Code Character Description
00DF ß Small sharp S
00E0 à Small A with grave
00E1 á Small A with acute
00E2 â Small A with circumflex
00E3 ã Small A with tilde
00E4 ä Small A with diaeresis
00E5 å Small A with ring above
00E6 æ Small Æ
00E7 ç Small C with cedilla
00E8 è Small E with grave
00E9 é Small E with acute
00EA ê Small E with circumflex
00EB ë Small E with diaeresis
00EC ì Small I with grave
00ED í Small I with acute
00EE î Small I with circumflex
00EF ï Small I with diaeresis
00F0 ð Small Eth
00F1 ñ Small N with tilde
00F2 ò Small O with grave
00F3 ó Small O with acute
00F4 ô Small O with circumflex
00F5 õ Small O with tilde
00F6 ö Small O with diaeresis
00F8 ø Small Letter O with stroke
00F9 ù Small Letter U with grave
00FA ú Small Letter U with acute
00FB û Small Letter U with circumflex
00FC ü Small Letter U with diaeresis
00FD ý Small Letter Y with acute
00FE þ Small Letter Thorn
00FF ÿ Small Letter Y with diaeresis

International Characters (punctuation)

Code Character Description
00A1 ¡ Inverted Exclamation Mark
00BF ¿ Inverted Question Mark
00A2 ¢ Cent sign
00A3 £ Pound sign
00A4 ¤ Currency sign
00A5 ¥ Yen sign
00A6 ¦ Broken bar
00A7 § Section sign
00A8 ¨ Diaeresis (Umlaut)
00AA ª Feminine Ordinal Indicator
00BA º Masculine ordinal indicator
00AB « Left-pointing double angle quotation mark
00BB » Right-pointing double angle quotation mark

Special Characters (e.g. mathematical)

Code Character Description
00D7 × Multiplication sign
00F7 ÷ Division sign
00AF ¯ Macron
00B0 ° Degree symbol
00B1 ± Plus-minus sign
00B9 ¹ Superscript one
00B2 ² Superscript two
00B3 ³ Superscript three
00B4 ´ Acute accent
00B5 µ Micro sign
00B6 Pilcrow sign
00B7 · Middle dot
00B8 ¸ Cedilla
00BC ¼ Vulgar fraction one quarter
00BD ½ Vulgar fraction one half
00BE ¾ Vulgar fraction three quarters
00A9 © Copyright sign
00AE ® Registered sign