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ServiceNow JavaScript API Libraries Set your library location to either ES5 or ES6 depending on your IDE and preferences. The ES5 version is more complete, but some IDEs (such as VS Code) are not able to parse the ES5 libs. We're working on improving the completeness of the ES6 libs.

More info:

Hi! I'm Tim Woodruff, of SN Pro Tips; author of Learning ServiceNow and The ServiceNow Development Handbook. This ServiceNow JavaScript API library was adapted from something that Garrett Griffin put together in 2014. I found the libraries so massively useful, that I decided to build upon, add to, and update them throughout the last several years (with permission from Garrett) in order to make developing ServiceNow-centric code in my local IDE a lot easier. While I've done a lot of work on this over the last few years, much of the credit must surely go to Garrett for his hard work in starting this out.

My Twitter (@TheTimWoodruff): Garrett's Twitter (@SNC_GarrettNow): SN Pro Tips (blog): Learning ServiceNow: The ServiceNow Development Handbook:

You can find documentation on how to import and use this library in your IDE, including common/standard keyboard shortcuts to make effective use of the JSDoc documentation in the libraries, at this link:

The following people have made significant contributions to this project: -Tim Woodruff ( -Garrett Griffin (@SNC_GarrettNow) -Breyton Barber (