Prototype for a next generation traversal API for Neo4j
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Traversal API Prototype for Neo4j

This project is a prototype for a new traversal API for Neo4j.

Design goals include:

  • Allowing the same API to be used both for the Embedded Neo4j Graph Database, and with the Neo4j Graph Database Server.
  • Being able to express the intent of traversals simply without having to consider complex details.
  • Allow for the traversal engine to optimize traversals from the provided traversal declarations.

Traversal modes intended to support:

  • Homogeneous traversals.
  • Path based traversals, based on simple and complex path expressions.
  • Pattern matching traversals.
  • Search: A*, shortest path, et.c.
  • Combinations of the above.

Design notes

Possible start entities: * Node * Relationship - bidirectional? * Path - bidirectional? * Traversal result * Index hits


  • No user defined callbacks
  • Define everything through descriptions - cover all common cases
  • Possibly leave an "escape hatch" (callback based?) for "advanced" stuff.
  • Optionally be able to construct stateful (start position) descriptions from entities.
  • Path filtering.

Traversal positioning is:

  1. Where I am.
  2. How to continue from here.
  3. (optionally) carried state.

Traversal is:

  1. Positioning
  2. Expand candidates
  3. Order candidates
  4. Evaluate candidates to create next position
  5. Repeat