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Special Thanks to the following projects that made this possible ( I am not affiliated with any of them though )

Pi zero Bash Bunny

Step 1: Install Raspbian 2017-03-02 ( Others may work?? ) Step 2: Boot it with a network connection, I used a pi zero w, so I just configured the wirelesss


ctrl_interface=DIR=/var/run/wpa_supplicant GROUP=netdev

Boot the pi, Expand the fs ext... Then do this

sudo su
apt install git
cd /
git clone scripts
cd /scripts
chmod +x *.sh
chmod +x bin/*
  • For arming mode pull pin 11 to 3.3v,
  • For switch1 ( the only mode at this point ) pull pin 11 to ground

This will not be a full replacement for a bash bunny, the bash bunny has a full ssd ( Much better speeds then a sd card ) And if you are using it for pen testing, would be much more likely to be plugged in by a target then a pi zero with a 3d printed case, Plus the guys at Hak5 do an amazing job of comunity develpment, and comming up with great out of the box ways of pen testing. I am not a pro pen tester, and only am interested in seeing if I can get it to work.

Current Status [ WORKS ]

  • ATTACKMODE successfully sets devices up
  • Gets target_ip and other device info
  • SWITCH BETWEEN arming and switch 1

[ Yet to do ]

  • Test installing it to make sure all the needed files are where they need to be
  • Add a switch2
  • More docs ( Unlikly to actually happen unless there is interest :) )