A simple page that gives you faster access to content to develop & search without wasting time.
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How to use The Gate?

Home The Gate Home Page.

I) Introduction

The Gate is a simple page that gives faster access to content for developing and searching without wasting time, developed by Thomas Bnt. DuckDuckGo is the search engine used on this Startpage which respects your privacy.

II) Search with DuckDuckGo

To search with DuckDuckGo, type your search on your keyboard and press the enter key.

Note: Normally, the cursor is automatically placed on the search bar but it may happen that it is not. In this case, click on the search bar and type your text, then press enter key.

The search bar.

III) Search social networks

All The Gate Buttons

Here is a short description of each of the social networks posted:

  • Reddit - A huge community gathered around a lot of passion, mainly around computers.
  • Twitter - A social network based on very small texts, called Tweets.
  • YouTube - Easily share your videos, and watch other people's content.
  • Unsplash - Beautiful photo to make wallpaper gathered here. Note: this is where we find wallpapers to display on The Gate!
  • Wikipedia - The world's largest digital encyclopedia.
  • SoundCloud - Independent artists can share their music and listen to others' music for free here.
  • Last.fm - Last.fm introduces the trendy artists of the moment and introduces you to new tracks.
  • Spotify - The largest music library in the world.
  • DevDocs - Documentation on computer languages ​​and their extensions.
  • Stack Overflow - Developers ready to offer you answers to your questions about computer programming.
  • GitHub - All software, programs and other open-source codes.

To access the home page of these sites, click the buttons.

If not to do a search with these sites, type your search then click on the button corresponding to the site where you want to do your research.

Type your search in the search bar, without pressing enter.

Note: Normally, the cursor is automatically placed on the search bar but it may happen that it is not. In this case, click on the search bar and type your text.

Make a search

Click on the button corresponding to the site you want to search (here YouTube). Here you are on the requested site with your typed search!

IV) Contributions

Contributions are always welcome! Read the rules for contributions before you can participate.

Please ensure that your pull request is in accordance with the following guidelines:

  • Alphabetize your entry.
  • Look for previous suggestions before making a new one, like yours can be a duplicate.
  • The suggested README files should be beautiful or stand out in one way or another.
  • Make a request for an individual pull request for each suggestion.
  • New categories or improvements to the existing categorization are welcome.
  • Keep the descriptions short and simple, but descriptive.
  • Start the description with a capital and end with a stop / full period.
  • Check your spelling and grammar.
  • Make sure your text editor is configured to remove trailing spaces.

Thank you for your suggestions!

V) Additional information