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Awesome Web Monetization Awesome

Awesome stuffs about Web Monetization. Learn more, check modules and others tools.

Web Monetization is a web service that allows you to send money directly in your browser. This is a JavaScript browser API that allows the creation of a payment stream from the user agent to the website


About Web Monetization

How to start monetize my website

If you would like to monetize your content, you must have a Wallet and Provider account. See below the platforms that allow you to use them.

More details about Wallet and Provider account

Name Uphold GateHub Stronghold New Wallet ?
Create a issue !
Fees None SEPA: 1.00 EUR < 50,000 EUR
Wire: $15 min ($150 max)
$3 withdrawal fee

If you are use already XRP Tipbot, check here to migrate on Uphold.

Name Coil

On your webpage, intregate your monetization tag on meta

<meta name="monetization" content="$" />

and detect if monetization is possible, then work

if (document.monetization) {
  document.monetization.addEventListener("monetizationstart", () => {
      "🎉 Awesome ! You use Web Monetization.\nMore information"



Any packages/modules and plugins





  • Is web monetized - A very simple tool for checking if Web Monetization is enabled.

  • Paytrackr - Track and manage your micropayments into one place.

    PayTrackr is the easiest and safest way to track and manage your micropayments to web monetized websites, having a web monetization provider membership.

  • Akita - A browser extension that gives you insight into your involvement with Web Monetization.

    Akita presents your top visited monetized sites, how much time you're spending on them, and how much you're contributing (or could contribute) to them.

  • Open Monetization Wallet - Tools for managing your vanity Web Monetization wallet.

    Open Monetization Wallet (OMW) makes it easier to accept payments with the Web Monetization API at scale. Some features:

    • Custom wallet URLs: own your own "Payment Pointer", e.g. $, instead of $
    • Change between wallets/providers with no downtime
    • Logs of incoming payment requests
    • Revenue sharing between multiple wallets, e.g. for multiple team members
    • Infinitely scalable with serverless technology
    • Free and open-source



Contributions welcome ! Read the contribution guidelines first. You can also contribute to share this repository and Web Monetization with your friends. 😄

If you want add a new small icon, the height must be 16px. Put in assets/small_icons/NAME.png. Format PNG only accepted.


Feel free to help me for the maintenance of this project ! Thanks to all Sponsors on GitHub !

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