Database files for the O'Reilly book "Getting Started with SQL: A hands on approach for beginners"
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Getting Started with SQL

Thank you for reading Getting Started with SQL. These are the database files for the book.

Having Download Trouble?

This book requires basic proficiency in downloading, unzipping, and navigating files and folders.

If you need assistance in extracting a zipped folder, please see this short tutorial.

For Mac OS X, SQLiteStudio comes packaged as a DMG file. Learn how to install a DMG here.

Setting Up on MacOS X and macOS

The book's instructions were explicit on how to set up SQLiteStudio on Windows and Linux. But for Mac, the process is a bit different and I did not provide a walkthrough in the book. Until another revision or edition comes out, here is what to do:

Here is a link that will download a zipped folder containing everything you need, including SQLiteStudio for Mac and the database files.

  1. Download and open the zip folder, and copy the contents to somewhere else on your computer. Then open that location you copied to.

  2. Inside the sqlitestudio folder, there is a DMG file which you "drag" to your "Applications" in Mac. This will install SQLiteStudio.

  3. When you launch SQLiteStudio from your "Applications", you should be able to follow the book instructions from that point on.

  4. The database files used in the book are stored in the databases folder, and you can open them from SQLiteStudio.