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Godot plugin for metrics, insights, and time tracking automatically generated from your Godot usage.



As there is no easy way to unzip files in GDScript, this plugin uses Ouch! to decompress Wakatime CLI right from the Github page.

But there is no need to manually download it as the Godot Wakatime plugin automatically downloads, uses and deletes as needed


The easiest and fastest way is to install directly from Godot's AssetLib

  1. Access Godot's AssetLib inside the engine (F4 default keybind)
  2. Search for godot-wakatime and click on install button

Or, you can manually install the latest version following the next steps

  1. Download and extract latest zip file from releases.
  2. Copy or move the wakatime directory from the extracted zip and put into your project's addons directory. Create the addons directory at the root of your project if you don't have one.



Godot WakaTime >=1.5.0

From version 1.5.0 this plugin started to use the global WakaTime config file ($WAKATIME_HOME/.wakatime.cfg) which can be opened in the Project -> Tools -> Wakatime Config File menu item.

You can enter or replace your API key in the menu item Project -> Tools -> Wakatime API key.

More information about the available settings can be found in wakatime-cli usage page

Godot WakaTime < 1.5.0

In versions prior to 1.5.0 the plugin uses a local configuration file located at res://addons/wakatime/settings.cfg.

Some settings are available in the editor bottom panel as soon as the plugin is active

Supported Godot <> Plugin versions

Godot Godot Wakatime
3.3.x - 3.5.x v1.4.0
>=4.0.x v1.5.0

Tested Windows and Linux.

It has Mac OS support as well, but has not yet been tested.