Soratra responsive — mixins for responsive typography Sass/Scss
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Soratra responsive — mixins for responsive typography Sass/Scss -

##Mixin pour créer de la typography responsive en Sass/Scss.

  • Note: Not tested with libSass and Sass < 3.4.


  1. You need
  • Sass (v3.4.14) or +
  • Compass (v1.0.3) or +
  • Modular Scale (v2.1.1) or +
  1. Clone soratra-responsive somewhere to your project:
  2. Include it in your main Scss file:

    @import "tmg-soratra-responsive.scss";


Soratra-responsive use compass & modular-scale mixins, variables & function.

you can use different modular-scale configuration for each device.

  // Modular scale variables

  $tmg-mobile-ms : 13px 14px, $octave;
  $tmg-tablette-ms : 14px 16px, $octave;
  $tmg-desktop-ms : 16px 18px, 1.25;
  $tmg-large-ms : 18px, 1.25;
  $tmg-x-large-ms : 18px, 1.25;

you can configure the compass vertical rhythm.

  // Compass Vertical Rhythm variables

  $base-line-height : 24px;
  $rhythm-unit : "rem";
  $rem-with-px-fallback : true;



the first option corespond to modular-scale $ms-base variable used in h6 selector, soratra-responsive automaticaly calculate each other heading size

  $tmg-mobile-ms : 13px;

the second option corespond to modular scale $ms-ratio. By defaut soratra-responsive use $golden if any option is passed

  $tmg-mobile-ms : 13px, $golden;

the third option corespond to modular-scale starting point. generaly you don't have to change the default value. By default soratra-responsive starts at 6 (the modular-scale starting count) and decrement this value.

  $tmg-mobile-ms : 13px, $golden, 8;


for the responsive typography

  @include tmg-base-vertical-rhythm();

Mixins for easy heading style

  @include tmg-base-heading-style(){
    color: red;

Mixins for easy heading style with a selector

  @include tmg-select-heading-style(".truc"){
    color: blue;

Mixins for easy block container style with selector

  @include tmg-others-block-container(".foo"){
  	color: green

my other project

my library for advanced bem selector


other library for responsive typography

other documentation

See the compass & modular-scale documentation

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