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Orthographic Pedant

A repository that tries to feel superior by correcting your mistakes. I'm sometimes culturally insensitive and rude. Sorry.

The heart of this project is a user of the same name on github, orthographic-pedant. This user scans popular repositories for common typos and will attempt to correct them with proper pull requests. This project is in its infancy. You can guide the development by sending it scathing diatribes as an issue. If warranted, every pull request commented on will receive a lovingly hand-crafted response (from a human). This places @orthographic-pedant firmly in the semi-automated category.

Update: I'm dead.

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User reviews and mentions:

@orthographic-pedant you bring light to dark places. 💡 @jambun

This excites me more than it should. @Kainzo

As much as I enjoy the view from linguistic squalor, I feel obliged to visit pedantry avenue occasionally. @reggieb

You, sir, are a gentleman and a scholar. @RichardLitt

@orthographic-pedant thx little bot :) @theengineear

You. You're alright. Come back anytime. @jfryman

Loving this bot, @orthographic-pedant! @pudo

This is... wonderful. @p0pr0ck5

Your bot is a d-bag. @peanav

The Honeypot and related work

To catch any other spell-checker bots on Github, the following repository is a honeypot:

There is one known instance of a similar bot. Like this project, its life was short-lived and is only remembered by a shallow grave dug with a 404.



  • "Request @orthographic-pedant to go over some repositories, or through all of an organization's repositories?" @RichardLitt


Search query for abudance, no forks and filename README:

fork:false in:file abudance filename:readme

Wikipedia's list of common misspellings:

Image Credit:

Hipster image credit: Christopher Michel