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Fully merges a stellar account, copying all custom assets and offers
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The Stellar network account merge function will fail if the source account has sub entries; i.e custom assets or offers. This app fully merges a stellar account, copying all custom assets and offers.

#How it works Here is a brief algorithm

  • Check if source account has custom assets/pending offers(sub-entries)
  • If custom assets
    • for each asset:
      • create trustlines for the assets on the destination account
      • transfer funds to destination account
      • remove trustlines from source account
  • If offers
    • create matching offer on destination account
    • delete offers on source account
  • call regular merge funtion


  • The transaction fee will be higher because of all the extra operations carried out before the merge
  • The secret seed of the destination account is required for this to work
  • All operations are grouped into one transaction so if any operation fails the whole merge fails

#Web Page You can use the application here: Web Page

#Feedback Comments and suggestions are welcome. Please use the issue tracker for bug reports

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