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Thorgate API Core

Documentation Status

Opinionated API framework on top of Django REST framework

  • Free software: ISC license

Supports Python 3.5+, Django 1.11+, Django REST framework 3.6+


  • API documentation automatically generated from your views
    • General intro can be added
    • You can add example request/response data
    • Autogenerated Python requests-based examples
    • Not interactive yet
  • Integrates JSON API
    • Cursor pagination with configurable page size
  • Viewset classes for using different serializers and querysets for list/detail/edit endpoints
  • API-specific 404 view
  • Test utilities, e.g. for response validation
  • Versioning (WIP)


  • pip install tg-apicore

  • Add tg_apicore to INSTALLED_APPS

  • Ensure your REST_FRAMEWORK setting contains ALLOWED_VERSIONS, e.g:

    # In your Django project settings:
        'ALLOWED_VERSIONS': ('2018-01-01',),
  • Note that the default paginator requires that your models have created field

  • Create API documentation view by subclassing APIDocumentationView and making necessary modifications. See example/example/ for example.

  • Add main API urls plus 404 view (as fallback).

Here's an example

from tg_apicore.views import PageNotFoundView

from myproject.views import MyProjectAPIDocumentationView

urlpatterns = [
    # The documentation view
    url(r'^api-docs/', MyProjectAPIDocumentationView.as_view(), name='api-docs'),

    # myproject.urls_api should contain your API urls patterns
    url(r'^api/(?P<version>(\d{4}-\d{2}-\d{2}))/', include('myproject.urls_api')),

    # API-specific 404 for everything under api/ prefix
    url(r'^api/', include(PageNotFoundView.urlpatterns())),

See example directory for a more in-depth demo.


This package was created with Cookiecutter and the audreyr/cookiecutter-pypackage project template.