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Calling #fork ends up closing webkit-server #192

jyurek opened this Issue · 2 comments

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Calling #fork causes the at_exit hooks to be duplicated, which means webkit-server is shut down. This can be avoided by calling exit! in the fork block, but that requires developer involvement and knowledge. It would be good if we didn't have to do that.


Fixed with 3eb366e


I'm the guy of issue #181 "I still get WebkitNoResponseError".

Just to give you guys an update: I tried the most recent HEAD of revision b4faa3a
But I still get my errors Capybara::Driver::Webkit::WebkitNoResponseError: No response received from the server., followed by Errno::EPIPE: Broken pipe messages.
This means this fix did not solve my issue with capybara-webkit.

I'll update my original issue soon if there was any change in the :webkit_debug output.

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