Infix operators for monadic functions in Swift
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Indecipherable symbols that some people claim have actual meaning.

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What's included?

Importing Runes introduces several new operators and one global function that correspond to common Haskell typeclasses:


  • <^> (pronounced "map")

Applicative Functor

  • <*> (pronounced "apply")
  • <* (pronounced "left sequence")
  • *> (pronounced "right sequence")
  • pure (pronounced "pure")


  • <|> (pronounced "alternate")
  • empty (pronounced "empty")


  • >>- (pronounced "flatMap") (left associative)
  • -<< (pronounced "flatMap") (right associative)
  • >-> (pronounced "Monadic compose") (left associative)
  • <-< (pronounced "Monadic compose") (right associative)


We also include default implementations for Optional and Array with the following type signatures:

// Optional+Functor:
public func <^> <T, U>(f: T -> U, x: T?) -> U?

// Optional+Applicative:
public func <*> <T, U>(f: (T -> U)?, x: T?) -> U?
public func <* <T, U>(lhs: T?, rhs: U?) -> T?
public func *> <T, U>(lhs: T?, rhs: U?) -> U?
public func pure<T>(x: T) -> T?

// Optional+Alternative:
public func <|> <T>(lhs: T?, rhs: T?) -> T?
public func empty<T>() -> T?

// Optional+Monad:
public func >>- <T, U>(x: T?, f: T -> U?) -> U?
public func -<< <T, U>(f: T -> U?, x: T?) -> U?
public func >-> <T, U, V>(f: T -> U?, g: U -> V?) -> T -> V?
public func <-< <T, U, V>(f: U -> V?, g: T -> U?) -> T -> V?

// Array+Functor:
public func <^> <T, U>(f: T -> U, x: [T]) -> [U]

// Array+Applicative:
public func <*> <T, U>(fs: [T -> U], x: [T]) -> [U]
public func <* <T, U>(lhs: [T], rhs: [U]) -> [T]
public func *> <T, U>(lhs: [T], rhs: [U]) -> [U]
public func pure<T>(x: T) -> [T]

// Array+Alternative:
public func <|> <T>(lhs: [T], rhs: [T]) -> [T]
public func empty<T>() -> [T]

// Array+Monad:
public func >>- <T, U>(x: [T], f: T -> [U]) -> [U]
public func -<< <T, U>(f: T -> [U], x: [T]) -> [U]
public func >-> <T, U, V>(f: T -> [U], g: U -> [V]) -> T -> [V]
public func <-< <T, U, V>(f: U -> [V], g: T -> [U]) -> T -> [V]


See the CONTRIBUTING document. Thank you, contributors!


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