Real-time visual performance driven by the 🧠 (brain) data of two performers
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🧠 Dual Brains 🧠

Real-time visual performance driven by the brain data of two performers.

Eva and Aaron at the Spring/Break Art Show 2018, NYC Photo credit: © Kevin Barry - ThoughtWorks

Running Dual_Brains_Visualization

  • Download and install Processing
  • Install 2 Processing libraries (Tools->Add Tool->Libraries) : ControlP5 and UDP ( hypermedia's Processing library). Hypermedia's lib can also be gotten at hypermedia
  • Open Dual_Brains_Visualization/Dual_Brains_Visualization.pde in Processing and press ▶️.

Sending data from OpenBCI to Dual_Brains_Visualization

  • You will need to have Python 2.7 installed (locally or in a virtual env) and some dependencies:

    • serial
    • numpy
    • scipy
    • pip
  • You will also need to be sure that OpenBCI drivers are properly installed and configured. See Driver Setup from OpenBCI for more info.

  • Run this command to install all dependencies at once:

    pip install -r requirements.txt

  • If you have an OpenBCI connected to the computer, you can stream the data to the visualization like this:

    python python/ --serial-port /path/to/the/serial/port

  • If you don't an OpenBCI connected, you can stream pre-recorded test data to the visualization like this:

    python python/ --test-file /path/to/test/file.txt

    Different test files are provided in the aaron_test_data folder

Dual Brains Performance Notes

Set up before:

  • Confirm Mac USB port names for Dual brains connection. Example of port name: /dev/tty.PL2303-xxx
  • To list all ports (long listing): ls -l /dev/tty.*

To run the program:

  • Start Processing and open Dual_Brain_Visualization from the folder Documents/Dual_Brains. Make sure you've selected which monitor to use for display.

  • To Start the connection with the OpenBCI using the Python script from the Documents/Dual_Brains folder, type: python python/ --serial-port /dev/tty.usbserial-DQ007RRX (or whatever the serial port name is)

  • If you want to run the Python script with test data instead: python python/ --test-file aaron_test_data/OpenBCI-RAW-aaron+eva.txt