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Riot Arts Residency Project

Build Status

Before you start

On Windows

You need to execute the gradle task to download the audio dependency, DLL and Driver for windows.

gradlew assemble

After that, you need to execute and install the driver (you can also download directly from the provider as the URL is in the build.gradle file.)

You can find the downloaded files in the newly created directory asio once you have finished executing the task.

Run the application

In the src/main/resources/media/ directory add a .m4v video and corresponding .wav audio file. Create directory src/main/resources/trainingModels/ and add a .h5 and corresponding .json file.

./gradlew run

Build locally

./gradlew build

Import to IDE

If you are using IntelliJ Idea you will need to use install the lombok plugin.

If you are using Eclipse you must integrate Lombok with your Eclipse installation.