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A Github Action that I use to deploy my django apps with docker.

Some bits are hard-coded for my setup so I don't recommend using this directly, but you could certainly fork it and set it up for your environment.

Github secrets that need to be set:

  • WEB_HOSTS - space separated list of web app servers.
  • CELERY_HOSTS - (optional) space separated list of hosts running a celery worker
  • BEAT_HOSTS - (optional) space separated list of hosts running a celery beat worker
  • PRIVATE_KEY - ssh private key. obviously, you'll need the corresponding public key on every server you want to connect to and it should be passphrase-less.
  • KNOWN_HOSTS - contents of an ssh known_hosts file. Generate it by doing something like ssh-keyscan -t rsa $HOST >> known_hosts for every host that you are going to connect to. Then paste the contents of that file into the Github secret field.

Other Environment variables:

  • SSH_USER - user to ssh as. This user will need password-less sudo access on the server for the appropriate systemctl commands and permissions to interact with docker.
  • APP - the app it's building/deploying.

Sample Usage:

action "deploy" {
  needs = "docker push"
  uses = "thraxil/django-deploy-action@master"
  secrets = [
  env = {
    SSH_USER = "anders"
    APP = "mithras"


how i deploy my django apps




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