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I'm learning Erlang and Chicago Boss. Cut me some slack.

As a quick test project, I'm trying to do a fairly close port of my old "pita" microapp to CB:

It's basically the same interface, though I'm having a bit of trouble mapping CB's routes to exactly the same URL patterns as I had with TG. So, instead of:


It has to be


and instead of


it is


I'm also tending towards having it return slightly more verbose JSON rather than simple text. So with Pita:

GET /service/foo/item/bar/
-> some value that's been stored

Petra will instead do:

GET /api/service/foo/bar/
{"name" : "bar", "value" : "some value that's been stored"}

I'll probably have this switch out on Accept headers soon though.

Please help me learn to write better Erlang and CB code by sending me helpful comments or pull requests with improvements.