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three-devtools is a web extension that allows inspection of three.js content.

🚨 Status: Experimental

three-devtools is very much in an alpha/experimentation stage. Use at your own risk. Follow the Baseline Milestone for issues and considerations that need to be solved in order for some stability.


The alpha version of the developer tools can be installed as a web extension on Firefox Add-ons/AMO and for Chrome via Chrome Web Store. See for local installation.

Current API

This API has not been thought out at all, but this will register your THREE.Scene and THREE.Renderer to be observed by the tools.

// Observe a scene or a renderer
if (typeof __THREE_DEVTOOLS__ !== 'undefined') {
  __THREE_DEVTOOLS__.dispatchEvent(new CustomEvent('observe', { detail: scene }));
  __THREE_DEVTOOLS__.dispatchEvent(new CustomEvent('observe', { detail: renderer }));


Architecture & development notes can be found in