dnscrypt installer for Asus router with merlin firmware
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So to solve all the problems with installing dnscrypt with entware (or similar) then setting up various scripts to handle dnscrypt-proxy starting up including the ntp issue, I made my own installer for dnscrypt-proxy.


  • ARM or MIPSEL based ASUS routers
  • asuswrt-merlin firmwares or compatible
  • jffs support and script enabled


  • No known issue

Current features:

  • dnscrypt-proxy version 2 with DoH and DNSCrypt version 2 protocols, multiple resolvers, and other features
  • Running as nobody through nonroot binary (using --user requires change to passwd)
  • Support ARM and MIPSEL based routers
  • Support OpenDNS dynamic IP update by entering your OpenDNS account information
  • Handling ntp update at router boot up by starting dnscrypt-proxy with cert_ignore_timestamp option
  • Redirect all DNS queries on your network to dnscrypt if user chooses to
  • Install haveged/rngd for better speed with dnscrypt and other cryptographic applications
  • Support various HW RNG such as TrueRNG (tested with v3), TrueRNGpro, OneRNG, EntropyKey
  • Ability to setup a swap file
  • Ability to setup timezone file (/etc/localtime) used by dnscrypt-proxy and other apps
  • Ability to reconfigure dnscrypt-proxy without reinstalling unlike previous installer for dnscrypt-proxy version 1.x.x




Run this command from ssh shell and following the prompt for dnscrypt-proxy version 2:

curl -L -s -k -O https://raw.githubusercontent.com/thuantran/dnscrypt-asuswrt-installer/master/installer && sh installer ; rm installer

User can safely update from dnscrypt-proxy version 1 to version 2 with above command.

If you want to use dnscrypt-proxy version 1, run this command:

curl -L -s -k -O https://raw.githubusercontent.com/thuantran/dnscrypt-asuswrt-installer/dnscrypt-proxy-v1/installer && sh installer dnscrypt-proxy-v1; rm installer

How to check if it works

If you use OpenDNS, run this command on Windows cmd

nslookup -type=txt debug.opendns.com

You should see something like

"dnscrypt enabled (717473654A614970)"

in result.

Otherwise running this command:

pidof dnscrypt-proxy

will return a number.

How to report issue:

I need following directory and files:


One can use this command to create a tar archive of these files:

echo .config > exclude-files; tar -cvf dnscrypt.tar -X exclude-files /jffs/dnscrypt /jffs/scripts/dnsmasq.postconf /jffs/scripts/firewall-start /jffs/scripts/wan-start ; rm exclude-files

in current directory and send me the archive for debug.

I also need follwoing information:

  • Which dns server you selected during dnscrypt installtion
  • Which router you're using
  • Firmware and its version

How I made this: