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Awesome JVM code hosting.


  • Provide a simpler way to fetch and publish code than Maven
  • Enable the community to improve and enhance the site


IRC: #javagems on


Gemcutter has a ‘commit-bit’ policy, much like the Rubinius project. So we do too. Submit a patch that is accepted, and you can get full commit access to the project. All you have to do is ask us on #javagems on Freenode or bug gabrielg or jaknowlden in a message and they’ll add you as a collaborator on the main repository. Feel free to fork the project though and have fun in your own sandbox.

Please read up on the GitHub Wiki for the latest contribution guidelines.


Gemcutter consists of a few major parts:

  • Rails app: To manage users and allow others to view gems, etc.
  • Sinatra app (Hostess): the gem server, lives in app/metal/hostess.rb.
  • RubyGem: The gemcutter client gem that interacts with the site, lives in gem/.
  • Gem processor: Handles incoming gems and storing them in S3 (production) or on the filesystem in server/ (development). Lives in lib/gemcutter.rb, lib/indexer.rb, lib/vault.rb.


Gemcutter uses the MIT license. Please check the LICENSE file for more details.


  1. Finish re-branding site
  2. Add Disqus to gem pages
  3. Add Hoptoad