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Codes and datasets for our paper "Hierarchical Relation Extraction with Coarse-to-Fine Grained Attention"

If you use the code, please cite the following paper:

   title={Hierarchical Relation Extraction with Coarse-to-Fine Grained Attention},
   author={Han, Xu and Yu, Pengfei and Liu, Zhiyuan and Sun, Maosong and Li, Peng},
   booktitle={Proceedings of EMNLP},


The model is implemented using tensorflow. The versions of packages used are shown below.

  • tensorflow = 1.4.1
  • numpy = 1.13.3
  • scipy = 0.19.1


First unzip the ./raw_data/ and put all the files under ./raw_data. Once the original raw text corpus data is in ./raw_data, run

python scripts/

Train the model

For CNN hierarchical model,

PYTHONPATH=. python scripts/ --model cnn_hier


PYTHONPATH=. python scripts/ --model pcnn_hier

Evaluate the model

Run various evaluation by specifying --mode in commandline, see the paper for detailed description for these evaluation methods.

PYTHONPATH=. python scripts/ --mode [test method: pr, pone, ptwo, pall] --test-single --test_start_ckpt [ckpt number to be tested] --model [cnn_hier or pcnn_hier]

The logits are saved at ./outputs/logits/. To see the PR curve, run the following command which directly show() the curve, and you can adjust the codes in ./scripts/ for saving the image as pdf file or etc. :

python scripts/ [path/to/generated .npy logits file from evaluation]

Pretrained models

The pretrained models is already saved at ./outputs/ckpt/. To directly evaluate on them, run the following command:

PYTHONPATH=. python scripts/ --mode [test method: hit_k_100, hit_k_200, pr, pone, ptwo, pall] --test_single --test_start_ckpt 0 --model [cnn_hier or pcnn_hier]

And PR curves can be generated same way as above.

The results of the released checkpoints

As this toolkit is reconstructed based on the original code and the checkpoints are retrained on this toolkit, the results of the released checkpoints are comparable with the reported ones.

The Main Experiments

  • pr
Model Micro Macro
CNN+HATT 41.8 16.5
PCNN+HATT 42.0 17.1

The Auxiliary Experiments

  • Hits@N(<100)
micro 10 15 20
CNN+HATT 5.6 33.3 50.0
PCNN+HATT 33.3 50.0 61.1
macro 10 15 20
CNN+HATT 5.6 29.6 57.4
PCNN+HATT 29.6 50.0 61.1
  • Hits@N(<200)
micro 10 15 20
CNN+HATT 41.4 58.6 69.0
PCNN+HATT 55.2 69.0 75.9
macro 10 15 20
CNN+HATT 22.7 42.4 65.2
PCNN+HATT 41.4 59.1 68.2
  • pone
P@N 100 200 300 Mean
CNN+HATT 84.0 76.5 70.7 77.1
PCNN+HATT 82.0 75.0 71.0 76.0
  • ptwo
P@N 100 200 300 Mean
CNN+HATT 83.0 79.0 72.3 78.1
PCNN+HATT 82.0 77.0 75.3 78.1
  • pall
P@N 100 200 300 Mean
CNN+HATT 82.0 80.0 74.7 78.9
PCNN+HATT 81.0 80.5 76.0 79.2

Baseline models




Some of other baselines can be found in other baselines.


Hierarchical Neural Relation Extraction








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