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A sample cucumber test suite for testing non Ruby web applications
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Standalone Cucumber Test Suite


Sometimes you inherit a non Rails or non Rack based web app such as PHP, Perl, Java / JEE, etc. I like using cucumber for functional testing so I put together this project structure to use as a starting point for testing non Ruby web based applications.

I've included a simple search.feature examples that uses Google. To switch to use your own development or staging server adjust the URL in features/support/env.rb. I have this example project setup to use Capybara with Webdriver (Selenium) but you can easily switch this to use Culerity or Webrat by editing features/support/env.rb.

Pull requests with updates/enhancements/bug fixes are always welcome!

Project Layout

  • features/*.feature : cucumber features

  • features/step_definitions/web_steps.rb : generic steps that apply to all features

  • features/step_definintions/[feature]_steps.rb : steps specific to an individual feature file

  • support/env.rb : configures the driver and the hostname to use



  • sudo bundle install

Running Features

  • To run all features: rake

  • To run a specific feature: cucumber features/search.feature


  • To debug a specific step call save_and_open_page within the step

Additional Documentation


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