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Simple shell script to setup Ansible within Babun
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Simple shell script to setup Ansible within Babun, to allow using Ansible from Windows without needing a virtual machine.


  • Install Babun and start a terminal.
  • Run the following command:
curl -s | source /dev/stdin

Note: the previous command will get a script from this repository and run it immediately, performing all the needed steps to install everything (the same steps described in "Manual installation"). If you don't want to run it, you can do a manual installation.

Manual installation

  • Go to your home directory:
  • Clone this repository:
git clone
  • Enter the repository directory:
cd ansible-babun-bootstrap
  • Run the bootstrap script:
source ./

All the prerequisites will be installed and Ansible will run from: $HOME/ansible/.

A file /etc/ansible/hosts will be created with a default ( host.

A file ~/.ansible.cfg will be created with default configurations, including setting paramiko as the transport to allow using passwords.

A bootstrap script will be added to .zshrc in $HOME, every time you start babun it will update Ansible and setup the environment. If you don't want to update Ansible every time (it takes some time), you can edit ~/.zshrc and set BOOTSTRAP_ANSIBLE_UPDATE=0.

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