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@lgao4 lgao4 released this Mar 8, 2019 · 425 commits to master since this release

Release Date 2019-03-08 (UTC - 8 12PM)

New Features

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Update Notes

  1. Use ShellPkg in Platform DSC/FDF to replace EdkShellBinPkg, because EdkShellBinPkg is removed.
  2. Remove the using of PcdPeiCoreMaxFvSupported, PcdPeiCoreMaxPeimPerFv and PcdPeiCoreMaxPpiSupported
    in platform code as they have been removed for BZ1405.
  3. Remove the using of EmuVariableRuntimeDxe and use the merged Variable driver instead like below as
    EmuVariableRuntimeDxe has been removed for BZ1323.
MdeModulePkg/Universal/Variable/RuntimeDxe/VariableRuntimeDxe.inf {
  1. Remove the TCP/iSCSI/PXE drivers in MdeModulePkg for BZ1278. Below components in NetworkPkg should be used to support both IPv4 and IPv6.
  1. New working model BZ1409
    has been adopted for the ATA and NVM Express OPAL devices S3 auto-unlock feature.
    The S3 phase hardware (ATA and NVM Express) initialization codes have been removed
    from the OpalPassword drivers. The OpalPasswordPei PEIM now will consume the
    Storage Security Command (SSC) PPI instances to unlock OPAL devices in S3. For
    the new working model, the following PEIMs:

should be included by platforms so that SSC PPI instances will be produced for
ATA and NVM Express devices respectively. Platforms also need to provide Host
Controller PEIMs for ATA and NVM Express controllers. These PEIMs should respectively
in order to support the new working scheme. Lastly, please note that the PEIMs
involved here will be executed during S3 resume. As a result, they may not be
compressed, so there will be an impact to the image size.

  1. Unused tool chain VS2003/VS2015, GCC44/GCC45/GCC46/GCC47, ELFGCC/UNIXGCC/CYGGCC, DDK3790, MYTOOLS
    are removed. Please use the latest VS2015 or GCC5 as the default tool chain.
  2. In case that a C function body contains the string of L'', L'\"', L"\"", L''' or L""", ECC tool running under python3 interpreter will report error with code 5005. Please ignore it for this error is false reported. For example, in ShellPkg\Application\Shell\Shell.c, line 212 contains L"\"". FirstQuote = FindNextInstance (CmdLine, L"\"", TRUE) That line will cause ECC tool under python3 report error “The close brace should be at the very beginning of a line for the function [ContainsSplit].”, this error is a false report. ECC tool under python2 interpreter has no such issue.
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