Where good old rivers (of news) have been discovered (again).
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Water On Mars!

Where good old rivers (of news) have been discovered (again).

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This project intends to provide a free (as in freedom) alternative to web news readers and bookmarking apps.

As such Water On Mars intends to be a news reading platform built around the following analogies:

You contemplate the river of news flowing down from your selection of sources.

You can then use a sieve to filter out and collect the most interesting links.

A demo website is up and running thanks to Heroku at: http://wateronmars-demo.herokuapp.com.

Feature list:

  • Read news from web feeds
  • List your collection of bookmarks
  • Bookmarklets let you add bookmarks and feeds
  • A tablet-friendly view lets you swipe among the news
  • A mailbox-view (plus keyboard shortcut) lets you browse the news efficiently
  • Import bookmarks from Netscape-style bookmark list files (as exported by delicious.com)
  • Import subscriptions from OPML files (as exported by most feed readers)

For the curious developers the aim is also to provide the base mechanics for news and bookmarks manipulations. For instance, there is now a "good enough" database scheme, a RESTful API and a "not too ridiculous" UX.

Everything is set up to start experimenting new features around the admittedly old-fashioned theme of news feeds and bookmarks !

The project is licensed under the GNU Affero GPL v3.

Thibauld Nion

For more legal info read COPYING.