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A CRUD application generator for CodeIgniter
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Welcome to iScaffold

iScaffold is a CASE application built upon CodeIgniter that lets you generate your basic Models, Views and Controllers for each table in your database. iScaffold creates a complete, working CodeIgniter installation that is password protected, beautifully desigened, easily usable.

What is new in 2.2?

iScaffold now supports code templates which means you can select different templates when you generate your code. You can also manage the resources easily, which means you can "import" totally different folders in the generated application. The generator GUI is also polished to be more aesthetic.

How does it work?

With some exaggeration the process is this simple:

  • You design the database
  • Configure the database tables and fields in iScaffold
  • Click generate
  • Take the application

User guide

Start exploring iScaffold in details on the GitHub wiki pages.


iScaffold is originally created by Ömür Yolcu Iskender, later heavily updated by Tibor Szász.


This application comes with two different licenses:

  • The iScaffold application that you use to genereate the source code is licensec under GNU GPLv3 license.
  • The source code / models, views, controllers / you generate with iScaffold is licensed under MIT license.
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